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Alcohol help?

I drink alcohol what are the good side effects and what are the bad ones?

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    Ethanol is a drug, with potential for overdose or toxic poisoning if taken in excessive quantities. Alcoholism, the physiological or psychological dependency on ethanol, is one of the most common drug addictions (caffeine causes chemical dependency, but not the mental longing known as addiction) in the world. Upon cessation or decrease of use, the physiological dependency can lead to physical withdrawal symptoms, such as restlessness, trouble sleeping, "the shakes," or even death. Not everyone who abuses alcohol becomes physiologically dependent upon it, but can become psychologically addicted to it. Psychological addiction produces no physical withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of drinking alcohol, but the urge, or craving, to drink again can become quite intense and irresistible. Alcohol is proven to relax your body causing your reactions to be slower and as your body is relaxed you are not as affected in accidents as others may be.

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    Alcohol can be enjoyed for relaxation, but health benefits are negligible. One or two drinks each day, measured accurately, are considered acceptable. The problem with alcohol is that it can lead to a desire to have it at the end of every day to unwind, which then can lead to psychological dependence, then physical dependence, and possibly alcoholism. Immediate bad side effects include loss of inhibitions (doing things after a few drinks you would not do sober), stomach irritation, weight gain (alcohol stimulates your appetite), etc. Of course the worse bad side effect is alcoholism. Enjoying a glass of wine occasionally is not a big deal. Needing several drinks (or more) every night to get through the evening is a warning sign.

    Source(s): I was married to a highly functioning alcoholic for 17 years before his liver finally failed and he died.
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    Me being a recovery addict alcoholic this is a pretty simple question with an even simpler answer. So here it goes there are no good side effects only bad. Like I said when it comes to this subject it has gotten pretty simple for me now.

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    From an addict--I cannot find any good side effects, bad ones it can destroy your liver, you may get caught driving drunk and sit in jail, or even kill somebody in an accident even your best friend.

    multiple DWI's could get you life in prison. It's all your choice on want you want to do. Some people drink so they don't have to face life on life's terms but if you don't face problems head on they will always be there. Good Luck on your decision!!! :)

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    Good side effects: you get a nice buzz going on and you feel great. You get friendly and love everyone. (unless youreone of those people who are an angry drunk)

    Bad side effects: You do things that you normally wouldnt do like make an *** out of yourself sometimes, or get too friendly and give people the wrong impression. Also the WORST is hangovers. You get dizzy, starving, you heart races, you get weak and hot.

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    What ever the side effects, too much and the good ones get less and the bad ones get more.

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    Good: No problems

    Bad: Forgetfullness

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    alcohol is an organic cpd if taken excessively damages your organ;especially your liver.

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    Good: People look better

    Bad: headaches/hangovers

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    good:could make you happy

    bad:could make you broke

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