do I need to delete firefox 1.5 before install firefox 2?

I just start using firefox and right now i got 1.5. i want to install 2.0 but i'm not sure i need to delete 1.5 first or not???

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    Just in case -

    If you're using Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake), then DO NOT install Firefox 2.0 overwriting the 1.5 already on your computer. There are some shared files that Ubuntu uses in 1.5, and if you install 2.0 over it, you might experience some unstability with your GUI apps. Instead, leave 1.5 alone and install 2.0 in the /opt directory (or some place else, but not over the 1.5)

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    You've made a good choice to use firefox its very stable and secure. Firefox should be able to update itself over previous versions without any problem and this will mean you dont lose any of your bookmarks. If firefox is telling you a new version is available and has asked you to save it as a file just double click on the downloaded file and it should sort itself out. If Firefox is telling you a new version is available and asking you if you want to update it just say yes and it will do it all itself no problem!

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    No, you don't. I upgraded to firefox 2 over 1.5 just fine.

    A backup of your settings and whatnot is always a good idea before a major upgrade though. You never know when something might go wrong and losing all of your settings can be quite the pain in the ***.

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    It should delete all previous versions of firefox before installing firefox 2. Most programs are like this.

    Hope this was helpful


    P.S. - It won't hurt to delete it but you shouldn't have to.

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    No you do not. I would suggest bacjking up your profile located under c:\doc and settings\USER NAME\local setting\application data\mozilla and then upgrade from 1.5 to 2.0. It will auto detect everything and upgrade it accordingly.

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    Nope it'll upgrade everything automatically

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    no, simply download the latest version and it will automatically update your older version - have fun, - jessica

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    No. It will simply update the old one.

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    no, it will uptade by itself

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