Michel Foucault or Paul Ricoeur?

Contemporary continental philosophersagree that personal identity and subjectivity are not grounded in a transcendental self as a substance that defines an essential human nature. Briefly describe either Michel Foucault or Paul Ricoeur's understanding of self and subjectivity in terms of the implications that follow from their thought on how we should live our lives.

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    1 decade ago
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    Not knowing Ricoeur well, I will comment on Foucault. Foucault had thoughts on how we should live our lives, but failed to include the mechanisms of approach to this " brave new world ". Foucault denied what we know as true; that we have an evolved human nature. His nihilistic and relativistic prescriptions can safely be ignored by true scholars. This pseudo-intellectual posing, by Foucault and his ilk, is long passe.

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