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is paul le guen the new john barnes?

remember barnes got sacked even though he took the 'tic to the CIS final


johnboy what about new ally mcleod

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    paul le guen cant get to that cup final..or any other final GOING by form,so no john barnes...had a far superior managerial brain and he made some S***E signings.

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    john barnes was unfortunate. Celtic was the first club he managed, quite a start, and he simply failed. PLaGue, allegedly has experience oozing out of every pore, going by the summer tabloid madness, this guy was the greatest manager the world had ever saw. He has failed miserably, his signings are crap, his tactics (no paul not wee white mints) are wrong, and his gung ho rhetoric is misplaced. To answer your question no he is not the new john barnes, try berti vogts

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    that's a bit unfair paul le guens french and john barnes is not?but they both have the same thing in common they had minging teams to manage,hutton,sebo,clement,scheidt,viduka,tommy johnson need i say more

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    Not quite but nearly

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