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Do you believe that Jesus was a prophet or the Messiah? Do you believe in the Second Coming or Final Judgment

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    Jesus is the Messiah and He is coming again.

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    Yes, Jesus was the Messiah. Read Isaiah 9:6 and you'll begin to figure it out. Yes, I believe in the Second coming. Read Matthew 24:44 to get a start on that one. And I believe in the Judgment. Read the book of Revelation and you'll see several references to it.

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    Jesus was a prophet and the messiah; and yes, he will be back and judgementday is nearer then we all think! I dream about it, and the kingdom of God to come. But Elijah has to come first 'to pave the way' and 'make all things right' (acc. to Matthew), before Jesus can take over the rule on this then perfect planet. (and over 500 of my dreams have come true so far...

    As for being the messiah: well not even he can save those that don't want to be saved. 2000 years ago was neither the time nore the place; but next time it will be...

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    No, no, no, and no.

    Followers of jesus have been predicting his return and the "final judgement" since just after he died. Many of the statements in the bible attributed to jesus make it clear that his return was imminent, that people alive when he was alive would see his second coming. The christians in jerusalem right after his death, led by the apostles, spent the vast majority of their time "preparing" for his return, as they thought it would be "any day" back then. They were wrong.

    The "second coming" has been predicted and anticipated at every change of century years since then, every time there was something that people interpreted as "fulfilling the prophecy of last days in Revelation" (which is usually a war of some kind), etc. All have been wrong.

    The fact is that there is no evidence of any kind that jesus was even resurrected the first time, no evidence he will ever come again, no evidence there is any kind of afterlife or "judgement" -- how people can continue to believe such a fairy-tale that has been proven wrong thousands of times is beyond my ability to understand. You'd think after the 500th time a high-ranking religious leader told his followers "the end time is near" and it failed to happen, that people would wise up...apparently fear and superstition still win over logic and reason for a large number of people :(

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    Jesus was (and still is) the Messiah. Apocalypse will be happening soon, and with it the Final Judgement. Look at the signs! Babylone the great (well, it wasn't so great anymore but it was still Babylone... I mean Bagdad by the way for those who don't know geography) has recently fallen pretty hard at the hands of the Americans, who are claiming following the orders of God (or so Bush says but that's beyond the point).

    What I mean is: Doom Day is coming very soon

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    Jesus IS the Messiah, and I believe in both the soon coming return of Jesus to retrieve His bride, and the judgment of the righteous as well as the unrighteous.

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    I'm open to prophet. Elevation to messiah and belief in a final judgment requires a lot of assumptions.

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    I believe Jesus was a Rabbi--a teacher. He taught the Jewish faith. I do no t believe in his second coming, as I do not believe he had a ''first'' coming. He was a man who lived and died 2,000 years ago.

    When the Messiah comes, yes-there will be an end of times. I do not know that I would call it a final judgment. But, the good of all faiths will be with God then.

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    Jesus was both prophet and Messiah. There is a second coming and a final judgment.

    God bless!!

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    One cannot make that choice. The real choice is whether Jesus was a madman or the Messiah.

    Prophets--no matter how wise or holy--do not go around claiming to forgive sins, being the only Way to God the Father, or offering eternal life. People who do this who are not the Son of God are blasphemers, lunatics, megalomaniacs, and dangerous deceivers.

    So, either Jesus was the Son of God or else he was a criminal. This is the choice one must make.

    Personally, I know that he is the Messiah.

    Yes, I believe in the Second Coming and in Judgment Day. I believe everything that Jesus said and did.

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    In my study in some part of Buddhist teaching I came to a conclusion that we are all sons/daughters of God. Jesus is exceptional because he is the enlightened son of God. His death on the cross and his Resurrection have correlation to the world's karma and his eventual transcendant to it respectively. However, as to his 2nd coming, which is possible, because he still has his original body with him, is something I need to ponder a lot.

    What is the point of Jesus facing off the anti-Christ when the latter would only simply self-destruct. By law of karma, this anti-Christ will eventually succumbed to his own evilness. Maybe, one day I'll have the answer, either this will prove the Bible and/or Koran to be correct or not.

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