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Does anyone know where I can get my PS2 cleaned?

My PS2 is very old, and I think the disk read head inside needs to be cleaned, because some video games won't even start up, and when some of them do, background music and animations skip, and load times are extended even longer. When these things happen, I hear inside a little clicking noise. So does anyone know where I can get it cleaned? Or if there is a disk you stick in to clean it?

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    Actually it is more likely that the laser is going out or has gone out. This is a notorious problem with the ps2's. I had the same problem happen. The funny thing is that it stopped playing one game at a time until every single game I owned stopped working. The cheapest option if you can fix it yourself is to buy a new laser off ebay. The class action lawsuit to fix them for free ended sometime in 2005. Unfortunately I believe you have to have some electronics experience to install the new laser or you can take it do a store. All told I would say it is cheaper and less of a hassle to buy a new ps2.

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    go to ur nearest electronic store and theyll clean or u can buy a disc cleaner that comes with a laser cleaner

    the laser cleaner is a disc w/ brushes on them that clean ur laser

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