My kid Christmas?

I am 22 and my husband is 25 we have never had money problems but now we do any ideas on gifts for a 2 and 5 year old

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    At two and five they just want presents. Try the dollar store or thrift stores, maybe even the pawn shop. There are a lot of inexpensive things you can buy at walmart or k-mart at sales this time of year.

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    Well it all really depends on what your kids like and their gender. If the 5 year old is a girl, maybe a little set of toy dishes or a doll, for a boy, maybe some toy cars or legos. For either, a dvd from their favorite cartoon show. Coloring books are also a good option as they are something you can pick up at the dollar store.

    For the two year old, well, the kid is 2, and they aren't going to remember anyway. If he/she is in need of some clothes, get them that for Christmas, and then a coloring book or something really simple to play with. Also, just spend time with your kids, bake cookies with them, read stories to them, whatever. That is more important than anything you could buy them

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    My favorite christmas was the year I was 6 and we had no money. I was old enough to kinda understand it. But my dad made us a sandbox and a dollhouse, and mom sewed little animals out of gingham. We spent lots of time togther playing and it was the best christmas ever.

    I'd advise one "nice" gift each. A nice gift for a 2 and 5 year old can be less than $20. Then pick up dollar store toys so there are things to unwrap. Use real wrapping paper, because that is just more fun.

    I've got boys a hot wheels track is something they can all play with and cars are cheap.

    a ball can bring everyone toghether to play.

    Games are inexpensive and 5 year olds are old enough to understand rules.

    Elephun is $15 both kids can play with this one. It blows "butterflies" and everyone tries to catch them in little nets. Not enough butterflies I had to make more out of wrapping paper.

    Dollar store books where you push a button and they play sounds are great.

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    Keep it simple.


    Get them each one small thing you know they will love or get them a gift they will enjoy together.

    -Look through the newspaper...a lot of people like to place ads for various things that are practically new (for example my I sold my daughter's dollhouse a couple months ago to a lady that was planning on giving it to her daughter for Christmas)

    -Check out Target, Walmart and even dollar stores to find inexpensive things that can be used as stocking stuffers.

    Another thing I have found that the kids have a fun Christmas regardless of the amount of "stuff" they receive, especially since most of it seems to be forgotten within a few weeks anyway. Focus on the season. Do some fun activities together such as baking and decorating cookies, Christmas crafts, Gingerbread houses etc.

    Enjoy the holidays for what they are a time to be thankful for our family and friends and not a time to stress about money and presents.

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    I have a 21 month old and maybe $40 to spend on XMas - for everyone. I've been hitting up my local second hand stores. I found a Little Tykes kitchen set for $4, then bought some disposable toddler cups and plates to go with it. I've also been visiting dollar stores and surplus outlets... the great thing about young children is that they don't know the difference between designer and second-hand generic.

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    Start a new tradition with your children.....try to bake sugar cookies and decorate them with your children, try making a Ginger bread house and let them help you.

    The Holidays are such a stressful time for most of America because they think children will only value them on how many gifts are under our tree.

    Don't let it stress you out, your kids are young and should not care only about gift at this time of year.

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    Sure...if they arent picky...set an amount for each child...even of course....and go to a toy store. try to get one large gift and the rest small sure to get about the same amount of gifts...

    Also, take $20 into a dollar store and spend $10 good to add to the amount of presents without adding a lot in price!

    They have cool books, games & plastic cups ....great stuff for stockings.

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    These have been some tough years for lots of us - me included. the thing to keep in mind is to spend time with your kids. you can easily buy them each a 'special' toy and then buy a family gift - board game like candy land that everyone can enjoy. make sure that the kids open it and schedule time to play. you can even create coupons for time to spend with the game to be redeemed anytime. this is a great time to 'create' a new tradition in your home.

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    Dollar Store! My foster son is 5 and he loves the dollar store. He thinks it's great! They have power rangers, remote controll cars...all kinds of cool stuff (quote n quote)

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    The five year old...a bike if they don't have one already....or anything that will get them outside....

    the two year old....they will have fun in just a big card board box....but as far as gifts go......try and get something that will help them learn....

    Just don't get them a playstation or something....and if you do...don't let them turn into those kids that just sit and play video games all day....

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