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Can Someone help me or tell me what this is? (SERIOUS ANSWERS PLZ!)?

ok, i have a horrible skin condition that i have been suffering for sometime now.... i have these little bumps all over my body and on certian temperatures of the day they fade or become very red. some look like white heads (which is very gross), and sometimes they itch soo bad. i scratch and now i have scabs at randoms parts of my body...

I NEED SERIOUS ANSWERS!!! im tired of having this and i dont know what it is!

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    here´s a serious answer.

    Go and see a specialist straight away!!!

    rather that than risk some inaccurate answer that you may get here which could make it worse. It could be one of many diseases.

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    Your best bet is to go to your doctor, or a local clinic, which will see you for a nominal fee, to see what it is. It sound like it could be scabies, which can be contracted from toilet seats, sexual contact, or other things of that nature. They actually burrow into your skin and are a parasite. Are they more prevalent in between your fingers and in warmer folds of your body, if so, scabies are a possibility and can be treated with a prescription cream that you apply and leave on for 12 hours, and they will die off. Only lyour dr. can tell you for sure though.

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    Maybe instead of seeking your answer from random blokes on the Internet, you should just go see a dermatologist! You never know what your condition could be from.

    A couple of years ago, I had a rash that started on my face and ended up spreading all the way to my stomach. My doctor told me that I was under extreme stress.

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    I think you need to see the doctor immediately. There is nothing wrong in doing so;probably a simple blood test would be done and the ailment detected. You don't panic or think that you are the only one. All you need is to see the doctor...take care

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    I get this too and I studied it, you need a Steroid pill from the dr and some cream. it is called pyrisosis.

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    hey baby- just visit an experienced skin specialist- don't do any experiments- may god bless u and heel u quickly

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    I would go see your doctor right away. If I had to guess, it could be skin cancer.

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