Bipolar people who got off meds successfully please respond?

Have you been diagnosed with severe bipolar 2 and successfully quit taking medicine?

I prefer you answer only if your cycles came and went without any problems... while not taking medicine.

If you have done this successfully, can you also add why you think it worked?

Thank you...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Trust the answers here: Bipolar Disorder is serious, and very, very few people are successful in quiting meds. Unmedicated, Bipolar Disorder carries a 20-25% risk of suicide, with 15% succeeding.

    I am bipolar 2 - not sure how 'severe' mine is, but I have had psychotic breaks, so I guess I'm a fully qualified nut job. I wouldn't dream of quitting my meds, no matter ho wtempting the thought was, or how much the side effects sucked.

    I tried to 'tough it out' through a recent manic episode without upping my antipsychotics, and that was very nearly a real trainwreck.

    Don't take the chance, my friend

  • 1 decade ago

    Before I was diagnosed I had plenty of cycles and it was sheer hell. Bipolar II means meds for life and that's fine with me. I'm on Lamictal and klonopin and couldn't function without meds. Do not fool around with Bipolar II, it's not Bipolar light as they used to jokingly say. It has a higher suicide rate than Bipolar I, the depressions are more frequent and the hypomania is as bad, in it's own way as mania. Bipolar II's are finally getting better diagnosed and better meds. I went off Lithium for 3 months and "thought" I could stay off meds because I hated lithium's side effects and the weight gain and it was a nightmare for my family.

  • dusik
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    4 years ago

    nicely i'm no longer the guy who's bipolar and have been given off meds, my maximum suitable buddy is and that i'm an extremely lively part of her existence. She has been BP all of her existence and in no way knew it till she had a very undesirable episode in her 20's. She took many diverse meds and did no longer like each of them. She has continually been a guy or woman who would not like synthetic issues and felt like she grow to be poisoning her physique. She stopped slowly taking her tablets and has usual (weekly) conferences with a therapist and talks with me and different acquaintances often. She has an awareness that she will't help the way she feels and he or she will pay extra interest to her emotions so while she does have an episode, manic or depressed, she will take a bathtub or watch a humorous action picture till it passes. She eats healthful and balanced and takes plenty diet B which facilitates with moods. If she would not observe she is having an episode, I or certainly one of our different acquaintances tell her to calm herself and he or she only knows, and takes our propose! you only p.c. a clean awareness and continually talk and enable everyone understand whats happening so no person is indignant! i admire her!!

  • Nora
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    1 decade ago

    my dr had me get a small dog she is a service dog and goes everywhere with me with her I feel less alone in the world and still depressed but not suicidal as I have to take care of the dog and she needs me I really love her and I am better been on meds since 1988 and still cycle but can handle it better also getting therapy

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  • ladytc
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    1 decade ago

    I have never heard of that. I would also like to get off my meds.

    Good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    Can't happen my friend, unless they were misdiagnosed.

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