Makeover advice (men and women plz)?

I am going to have a complete makeover. I am going to change my body, hair, nails and wardrobe. I am trying to decide on nexactly what to do, what to change. I am looking to know what is in trend in clothes, hair, nails and body types. I am not doing a quick drastic thing I hope to be done by July. Any advice on anything related would be appreciated.

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    1 decade ago
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    before you do a makeover, ask yourself a question:

    who is this make over for? is it for me to feel good about myself and change my lifestyle, or is it to impress someone?

    before you can do anything external, you need to really look at who you are inside. the person you want to be needs to be recognised and embraced before a style or hairdo can be applied. to be comfortable with who you are on the outside requires being comfortable with who you are on the inside. i know, a little bit of a cliche, but its wholeheartedly the truth.

    my makeover experience began a little over 2 years ago, and i see it as a continual process. you learn new things about yourself along the way, and it takes shape in other areas of your life. who you want to be, where you want to go, how you want to be perceived... even how you want to be remembered.

    first - i looked at who i was inside and recognised what i thought makes me a great person, and the things that i wanted to improve within myself. one thing i wanted to improve was having more energy and being more positive.... my boyfriend told me that when he felt 'blah' and a little down, he went for a run. so i started to exercise by going for walks... and i couldnt believe the changes.

    my walks were my 'me' time... i gained the energy, i started sleeping better, my body shape and my skin changed, and so did my eating habits. i felt confident in a way that i thought i never would, and that confidence allowed me to address other areas of my life and take control. taking the lead on who you are and being the person you want to be means that what you once thought you looked and felt good in mayno longer do that for you.. its like a constant cycle. you move in and out of a cycle and continually grow. as for the external - your confidence will direct you, and an opinion on what you should do will no longer matter... know what i mean?

    before you do a makeover, remember that its not just a look that you change - its your perception of life, the way you carry yourself, your attitude, and your confidence. a makeover should be about you and you alone, and not anyone else. once you take a look on the inside, the outside will naturally follow. just remember to be true to your heart for yours is the only one that beats within you... follow it all the way!

    Go for it! :o)

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    I dont think you need to be trendy just what every style that you feel comfy in.

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