Arson, juvenile charges, Pennsylvania?

Does anyone know what sentencing a juvenile would receive for setting a fire in which noone was injured and property was only damaged to the cost of one thousand dollars?

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    i depends on the laws there, the judge, the jury and how good or bad the lawyers are. there are too many variables to answer this.

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    james_dav is correct. A good judge will try to consider a lot more than the narrow legal issues surrounding the case. He or she will look at the family the accused arsonist came from, the motivation and mental state of the arsonist, the child's previous criminal history if any, and then try to evaluate what sentence will best serve society. As james says, there are lots of variables.

    Source(s): I have a good friend who's a county judge in Pennsylvania; we've talked about this very crime, and sentencing criteria for it. He tries to bring common sense to bear in the courtroom, but then he's probably an above-average judge.
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    usually when a crime involves anything over 500 it is considered a felony and depending on the extent of damage whether or not the courts want to charge the teen as an adult or not, just asking questions about it like this contributes to what the call "culpability or intent"

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    i live in pennsylvania

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