Doom 3:Resurection of Evil. How do you beat the VERY FIRST BOSS?

He is really fat,ugly. Shoots little firey orbs. He is the very first "boss" that you face in teh whole game. I shot him with a Machine Gun and no damage. I dont have any rockets ethier. My first time playing this game.

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    This boss alternates between shooting a single fireball at you and a group of

    smaller ones. The single fireball is easily dodges, but you need to RUN to get

    out of the way of the group shot [the boss growls before doing this type of


    As you dodge these shots you will see two turrets launching green shots into a

    pit in front of you. Equip your grabber and catch one of these shots, then aim

    carefully and launch it at the boss.

    After the first hit, the boss will teleport around the room and shoot single

    fireballs at you for a bit. Once he returns to his starting area though you

    can catch one of the turret's shots and score your second hit on him.

    The boss pretty much cycles between his two attacks and teleporting around the

    room at this point, but as long as you keep moving and catch the turret shots

    when you can, then you'll be fine. The boss dies once you score about six hits

    with the turret's shots.

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    Shoot, run then hide. repeat this process.

  • 1 decade ago

    Tell him his shoe is untied, then rabbit punch him.

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