is there anything i can do to get my house and things back?

my ex has my house. i was with her for over 7 years and we were engaged. she has everything. i put over $90,000 into the house and i think i should get it back along with the $100,000 she took out of my bank account. is ther any laws for this? is there anything i can do?

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    Try an arbitrator it is less expensive and less threatening than a lawyer and they may be able to get her to work with you. Unfortunately the cash is gone - unless you reported it stolen (like it was all in your name and she removed it without permission) If it was a joint account you are pretty much out that money. If you own the house it is yours and if it is jointly owned you have a right to half. If there are children involved this could get ugly - consult a lawyer. I would recommend an arbitrator first though it usually goes smoother if you work together to a resolution. If you have any evidence of ownership or the investments you have made as being entirely yours bring those to the arbiter for presentation to her. Good Luck!

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    Get to a lawyer. A letter should be sent first requesting the money along with any available documentation you have (canceled checks, receipts, credit card logs, etc.), then, if there is no response or if she refuses to compromise or discuss the issue, get your lawyer to start judgment proceedings against her. The amount is too great for small claims court ( at least in NJ , it is...) but the attorney can tell you what come next. In NJ, you can put a lien on the home itself. Good luck.

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    Most states and provinces now have concessions for common-law partners to have essentially the same rights as married couples. You would file a petition just like if you were married.

    Then you can apply for a "family accounting" and you'll each get 1/2 of the assets you accumulated during cohabitation.

    Call a lawyer.

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    Get a good attorney. All joint property is generally considered subject to "equitable distribution"...which does NOT mean you both get "half of everything". The 90K you put in, as well as the 100K she took out (especially if it was WITHOUT your knowledge), amongst all kinds of other things will factor into it. But you really need a lawyer to find out the specifics.

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  • if you bought the house together she will get half of it but, if you owned the house prior to your living together it is yours alone, as far as the money is concerned evidently it was in a joint account so I doubt you can do any thing other than sue her and hope a jury will award the money or at least part of it to you, again if the money was accumulated during the marriage she has as much right to it as you do.

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    well if the property is in your name or joint names you can get a solicitor involved which can be costly but will get you what is rightfully yours, regarding your bank account if she took money out of your account without your permission this is theft and can be dealt with very easily by going to the bank and talking to your financial adviser who can advise you what to do or you can go to the should get half of what you put into the household back its rightfully yours,you could try and talk to her and try make it fair on both sides to get what you both want out of it i hope you get things sorted good luck try this site

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    Isnt 7 years the amount of time needed for a 'common-law marriage'? You should lawyer-up and fight for your rights

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    I'd say you need to get an attorney ASAP! Only a professional can handle your situation.

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    I would speak to a lawyer asap

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    get an attorney. Why havent you done it yet!!

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