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Marine organisms whose internal salt concentration varies with that of their environment?

a. osmoregulators

b. fresh-water organisms

c. ion-concentrators

d. osmoconformers

e. urea-concentrators

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    a- osmoregulators ?

    I hope that helps.Good Luck! = )

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    A. these guys regulate the amount of salt internally to maintain a specific concentration all of the time, regardless of the environmental conditions.

    b. fresh water guys, no salt there

    c. these guys concentrate the ions in their body to maintain more ions than their environment

    d. these guys conform to the environment, that is, they maintain the same concentration as the environment

    e. these guys concetrate urea, which is the bi-product of removing water from things, an important ingredient in urine.

    the correct answer would be D, although these terms are not very correct or generally accepted.

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