How Can I get my Boyfriend back?

Me and my boyfriend went for a night out and I caught him in a toilet cubicle taking drugs. I went mental and battered him. I am deeply ashamed about my actions. I love him so much. I didnt hurt him coz I hate him. I done it coz I love him. My boyfriend has told me it is over and there will not be anymore chances. I really miss him. He is the 1 that makes my life worth living. Please help.


This is a gay relationship. So we are both male.

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    you dont need a drug addict in your life bringing you down, so just let the ending of the relationship be, because you deserve better than someone who hides their drug habit, life is always worth living whether you have a person in your life to have a relationship with or not, take the time to heal from the relationship, work on yourself, your self esteem and your anger issues and then you will feel much better about finding a more suitable partner for yourself....

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    What kind of drugs? And define battered him, was it verbal, physical or both? But let me give you this advice, if your are into some 1 to the extent that he gives you purpose to the point that you can't live without him, then you need to change that. B/c the farther you get down the road the more you will depend on him. Eventually you will get to the point that even if he is abusive you won't leave, even if you wanted too.

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    You caught him in a cubicle doing drugs?? DUMP HIS ***. He's a loser and you deserve better. Get some self respect and move on, you're better than that. Problem with relationships is that we get in a "comfort zone" we don't want to leave...but he's potentially dangerous..oh, and did I mention you deserve better??

    Kick his butt into rehab...or kick him to the curb. The sooner the better.

    You sound really young. Grow up, he's doing what's best...breaking it off with you. So you beat him?? Hopefully you beat some sense into him.

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    If you value yourself at all, you won't want him back! Sounds like you need some time and space to get your anger issues under control. You don't show someone how much you care by beating them up! Girl, that's not love.

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    Your life worth living??? What about your family? Your school? Responsibilites? Dont they make your life worth living??? Unless he quits for you for good then he is worth loving if not leave him. You have other stuff to be thankful for!!! NOT just a guy.

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    First, learn english and proper grammar. Punctuation couldn't hurt either. Maybe he uses to escape from something. Gee,...what could he possibly be trying to escape from?

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    Don't be afraid to be alone. Sounds like a're better off w/o him.

    Move on....

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    Seduce him it works 4 me everytime!! haha

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