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Muslims crescent moon symbol proves they worship...?

The moon god. (Just like the "bedowin' (sp.) culture in that region still do today.) The word Allah simply means "The God."

Abraham (a Bible Prophet), left Ur (a city) of the Chaldeans to leave that type of worship and people whom worship that false diety! The God of Abraham has a name, it is Jehovah!


How could they have got it so wrong?

They are a beautiful, powerful and passionate people...

I think that is why the devil works so hard to confuse them.

I love muslims.

Jesus Christ is not a Prophet. He is the Messiah and Christ that the Prophets prophesied about. Jesus fulfilled the prophesies as Christ.

I love all of the Muslims enough to share the Truth with them...

What have you done to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Do not start hating or get defensive, I do this kindly in love.

The Quaran even says in a surah "search for the Truth"

Jesus Christ of Nazereth is the Truth, the Light and the Way.

God bless you this Holy Season... XOXOX



The Holy Cross is a rememberence of Jesus Christ's sacrifice and ultimate victory over sin and death. This, his act, is our utter salvation. A cross should humble you and create respect for your King. Ackowledge other peoples act of honoring Jesus Christ's victory of uplifting the cross.

"Take up your cross" (A Holy Bible quote)

There are other, more significantly unnaccaptable things to be dealt with. Godspeed, Golden Truth Teller... XOXOXO

Update 2:


You poor soul.

By your words you condemn yourself.

If you call out the "oldest religion" farse,

you can not get older than the Holy book of Genesis! The creation of the world!

What I did above is an act of Love!

You need the light of Christ to see the Truth... God is Love! You need the one True God, Jehovah to see, to grow and to live in the light of the Truth. Jesus Christ taught us to pray the "Our Father" prayer in the New Testament. You would do well to start there...

Love, The Golden Truth Teller XOXOXO

Update 3:


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The pagan Arabs worshiped the moon god by praying toward mecca several times running around the Temple of the moon god called the Kaaba killing an animal in sacrifice to the moon god throwing stones at the fasting for the month which begging and end with the crescent moon giving alms to the poor. The muslin's claim that allah is the God of the Bible and that islam arose the religion of prophet and apostles refuted by solid,overwhelming archaeological evidence. Islam is nothing more than a reveal of the ancient moon god cult. It has taken the symbols, the rites, the ceremonies, and even the name of its god from the ancient pagan religion of the moon god. It is sheer ideology and must be rejected by all those who follow the Torah and Gospel.

Update 4:

What is in that black box at Mecca?

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    Ironically, cross worship is also of pagan origin, and cross worship also dishonors and displeases Almighty God.

    Jesus almost certainly died while impaled on a simple stake, rather than a cross of two intersecting beams. Of course the Romans had the ability to create such devices, and probably did. But ask yourself: why they would have bothered when a simple stake would have worked just as well or better?

    It is also enlightening to examine other relevant Scriptures.

    You may be interested to see how your own copy of the bible translates Acts 5:30, Galatians 3:13, Deuteronomy 21:22, 23, and Acts 10:39. The King James, Revised Standard, Dyaglott, and Jerusalem Bible translate the instrument of Christ's death simply as "stake" or "tree" because the original wording simply does not support the idea that this was more than a piece of upright wood.

    It is also eye-opening to examine how the first-century Christians felt about idols of any kind, much less one that glorified an instrument of death.

    Learn more:

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    Well you said it by defining Allah "The God." I'm Christian too but I am not going to step on anyone's toes if at all possible. God has many mortal names meaning, names used among mortals, so that we don't have power over God. God's true name remains a mystery for a reason, but every faith has a name to call upon God with. It is just like translating your name into French, Russian, German etc. there is no universal spelling of your name why should there be solely one universal name for God. The Crescent Moon and star are also a symbol of Diana, who is later depicted human-like with wings in resemblance to our modern day angels. The only way to determine who is right or wrong involves dying I'm not too eager to do that yet. That is up to Allah/Jehovah/Yahweh = GOD.

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    perhaps, as in many "ancient cultures" the deity associated with the moon is a goddess, rather than a god. could happen even in significantly patriarchal cultures such as the muslim, and jewish, and "popular" christian( as contrasted with esoteric christian )in their early phases. little known, from what i can tell, there exists a feminine counterpart to allah, referred to as allat. interestingly, i've noted that a number of older "middle eastern religions"" denote the feminine aspect of the male deity name by adding a "t" to the name, at the end. i'm hardly expert, but i've noted these facts over the years. btw "the devil" probably has little to do with the misguided beliefs of those muslims, and other fundamentalist fanatics of all creeds, whose actions are based on ignorance and terminally low consciousness levels. this includes the christofascists, of course. btw, if you'd like to upgrade your entry level belief system a bit, take a look at the book *gnosis of the cosmic christ* by tau malachi. keeping an open mind will be helpful to you in all aspects of your life. ;-)

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    ma,am I am a boy of 13 and I have seen enough of your hatred.I hope it ends.;_ylt=AtvJk...

    Does this look familier?Why do you condemn muslims or hindu's

    when you as a christian (whom we hindu people respect) has caused so much torment and mental beating on me in a place where I am supposed to learn?Are you proud of what you said?Is this what you truley believe?Why do you do this?Are you looking for controversy if so do it somewhere else.For a second I was sympathetic for America about 9/11 and every horrible thing that happened now seeing your comments those terrorists may have done it because of people like you.I have nothing against christianity and I respected it.My best friend is christian and we have put both of our religions together and learned a lot.Mthology you say?Why must you condemn my religion when I respect yours?When I believe in christ and accept him as god why do you condemn my religion?How exactly do you know if it is false or lies how do you know satan caused my religion.Satan creates tormoil and terror upon mankind.My religion is against that and yet here you are causing all this nonsense and blaming terrorists.

    Religion is supposed to be for the benifit of mankind not this or any of the things you are doing.From here I will speak from the heart.Although I believe in christ I will explain to you what some ignorant person like you would think.Remember people I do not mean this the following things I am about to say it is against my faith I am only saying it to let her know the feeling of all the nonsense she has spread.I am going to talk like a hindu who has the same personality as you and see how you feel.

    How can christ be god?Hinduism was there before the bible.We are monotheistic and believe that the universe was created by one god.Christ is a myth,only my god is real!My religion has the most numerous spiritual texts and writings.It has been studied for the course of 10,000 years.Religion is meant for peace why do you cause unhappiness?

    How was that?Perhaps if I ACTUALLY meant it I would have a thumbs down for each second but I do not mean it.I am showing you how its like to be insulted that way.As a hindu I see every faith in my heart and god in every way.My faith is open to anything.It is in my scriptures.There is proof everywhere about events in history about my faith just as christianity has evidence.

    In that link you attacked me.Well luckily my religion see's every other religion the same way.What will you say now?"Christ is the only form of god I can feel him in my heart".The same way a muslim would say "Allah is the only form of god I feel him in my heart".A christian would say "my faith is real it has all the evidence the bible is the absolute truth".The same thing a muslim would say.But you (seeing your ignorance) would say "the bible is the absolute truth no matter what you say and only my god is real and the rest are forced by satan".That is ignorance.Satan wants the destruction of man.How will he do that?By spreading controversial people like you to start conflicts like this.Alrightmaybe my faith is considered the dumbest and stuipidest (by rumors started by the muslim community) but my religion has enough value for me to take a stand against you.

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    Do you worship a cross made of wood.. meaning that you worship trees?

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