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Why do Homeless people live in cold weather cities?

With all their free time, they should start walking South.

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    I have always thought this. Or just do it for the winter. They could hustle up enough money for a bus ticket to go south for the winter and then hustle up enough money to come back. But then if they thought like this they probably would not be homeless.

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    It is certainly a shame,that in our United States of America we have homeless people period.. As for them in cold weather cities. Maybe they lived very well at one time in that city. They feel they have ties to it. ? I am not sure., but if you have an extra blanket or two, find a homeless person and give it to them. My heart goes out to these people and we need to pray for them,and the people that don't help. Thanks for your question. I pray that this year every one has an extra blanket and would give it to the homeless. God Bless all who help.

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    Homeless people live everywhere, more in urban areas than suburban. regardless of temperature. the homeless in areas surrounding these areas are attracted to the city because it is easier to live there without hassle from local police. Also with so many more people, there is a lot more waste. and one mans trash is another mans lunch. Another reason is panhandling. More people = more money. It is very difficult to panhandle in a small town.

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    That is the rock solid evidence that there is serious mental health concerns among the homeless:) I would be homeless in San Diego, given the choice.

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    It does no longer make a lot of a distinction between chilly climate and warm climate for my section. In my city, the homeless have someplace they could bypass for little to no employ. absolutely, there are a range of of places. Alls they ought to do is get a job to eat and that i nonetheless see homeless human beings "homeless" They scouse borrow, lie, cheat etc. purely because they do no longer sense like getting a job. yet hi, like you stated, detention middle is employ-loose, you do not opt to have a job, and also you've it quite undemanding.

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    You'd think with all the money in the States they wouldn't have a homeless problem, must be something worth making a joke out of!

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    I live in the south, and there are many down here. I guess they just stay where they can make the most money.

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    That's really mean! Remember we are all just one paycheck short of being homeless! Have some compassion!

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    When I lived in California it seemed like they were all there.

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    Because they don't want to hitch a ride with a trucker.

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