Stomach pains after being checked by the DR at 37 weeks.?

I just had my Drs appt. today and she checked me to see if I had dilated any(I'm @ 2cm and 60% effaced) anyways she told me afterwards that it can cause some bleeding(which it did) but I have been having kind of like a dull ache in my stomach ever since. It hurts but not bad or anything. I feel like I am about to get my period and I'm bloated or something. The pain doesn't go's just constant. Is this normal after this kind of Drs appt. or should I be concerned. I asked the ? earlier and some said I could be in labor but I don't think this is the case because my pain is just constant.


I just went to the bathroom and when I wiped more blood came out like a lot of sicharge or something...I had my Drs appt over 3 hrs ago. It also kind of hurts after I a crampy feeling.

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    thats just part of labor :) Your probably having pressure. You were checked and your cervix is changing. That means that you have been in labor. Thats what is happening now :) And you are 37 weeks! not to mention. When your cervix is changing and the Dr. checks you, theres a chance of bringing labor on :) Goodluck and watch for contractions :)

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    After I got poked and prodded by the midwife in my antenatal appointments, I would ache for the rest of the day.

    Perhaps you are experiencing the same things.

    Just keep an eye on it, and if it gets worse, the maternity department is just a phone call away.

    Good luck, and best wishes for a happy, enjoyable birth :)

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    Are they consistent or do they arrive and bypass? How often in the day? Do you adventure decrease back soreness with the rigors? this would be your bodies way of telling you it particularly is time. this would be exertions pains. Contractions. relax, bypass forward and take the imodium yet i might set up a time to confirm your wellbeing care provider and make it an ultrasound apt. only to make effective that each little thing is high quality. stable success!

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    its probally just normal where she checked u but if u get to uncomforable about it call ur doctor

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