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Why do I suddenly have a desire to start smoking? Argh!?

Very, very strange.

I have a sudden and strong desire to start smoking. Now this is weird, because i'm 17 years old, live in a town just outside of a biiiiig city in the UK, and i've never had any pressure from my friends to smoke. In fact, almost NONE of them do! Those that do want to quit, it's not considered cool... my parents smoke roll-ups/joints, but they've never pressured me to, and for some reason i've just got a really strong desire to start smoking pre-made ciggies! I can't get over how weird this is - i'm very anti-smoking, I think it makes your breath stink, it gives you wrinkles and makes your teeth yellow, it's *so* gross, but for some reason I want to start smoking *so* bad!

C'mon guys, help me out here... WTF?



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    You sound like me about ten years ago, when I was 19. I was a big anti-smoking zealot and started to get the same yearn to smoke as you are right now. I yielded to my desire, when I was nineteen. Now, ten years later, I'm hooked and miserably failed at quitting twice.

    Don't cave in to your desire. It will envelope everything you do. You will schedule everything in your life around your habit. People will also give you dirty looks because you are a smoker. Plus, as you have articulated, it will make your teeth yellow, cause premature wrinkling, and make you stink. Further, it will eventually kill you.

    It's just not worth it. Please don't make the same mistake that I had. If I knew then what I know now, I would've never started. If I could only travel back in time and kick myself in the *** for even thinking about doing it... It's moot now. I can only look ahead.

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    if it bothers you, it shouldnt, you know, i think it is just something that will pass... you say that both your parents smoke, so it could just be the nicotine in the air, andthat is the stuff that makes smoking addictive...

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    i don't know why you are feeling this urge but whatever you do, don't give in. you will regret it forever. i have smoked for 13 years and i can't seem to quit.

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    you have watched it your whole life im not surprised that you want to probably yo deal with stress

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