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How can they discrace our National Anthem and think we will be nice about it?

Here is the Spanish version of the National Anthem.

I personally think the original version (in English) is much more beautiful and has far more meaning. I wouldn't be so mad if it was translated word for word. But this one is nothing like the national Anthem. Who agrees with me on this?


Genny G knows I don't speak spanish. Wow she's smart. No habla espanol. How's that for you. Still doesn't change the fact that the anthem is nothing like our Anthem.

Update 2:

For Sittin Pretty, All I'm saying is translate it word for word for people that don't speak English, that way they understand the real beauty and the history of this country. Not something that was just made up based off of this movement that illegals are trying to portray.

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    Personally I thought it was a horrible move. Our national anthem was just fine and doesn't need re-written or sung in a foreign language. Granted, it's "just a song", just like the flag is "just a piece of material" but it's what it means to Americans that matter. I could never be so brazen as to go to another country and have the gaul to re-do their anthem, burn their flag or anything else.

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    doesn't each and anybody have the urge to sing the nationwide anthem? Do you've a more advantageous suited option than the only now, which the each and anybody is probably to settle for? What does nationwide anthem have some thing to do with monarchy?Our nationwide anthem wasn't written in the course of the day and age even as monarchy replaced into wide-spread. i'm sorry that i'm answering with more advantageous questions yet this is how i experience and once you've some clarifications or in case you experience that I have understood your question incorrectly then please clarify. with techniques from the way which us of a are you from?

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    That upset me to hear that OUR national anthem was translated for spanish speaking people in the US who refuse to learn English.. The national Anthem is a huge part of our culture and our heritage. How would they feel if the national anthem of Mexico was translated into English and sang in a protest? They would be upset to the point of a protest of their own.

    Why is it we are expect to be nice about our culture being torn apart like that? Its disgraceful. Its horrible that the people we elected would actually allow that to happen.

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    Ok, where do I start, hmmm... alright, while I understand your anger or whatever it is youre trying to express, I have this to say about that whole mess. First you all complain that they dont assimilate enough to speak English, then when they try and it comes out broken english you complain that they're "tearing up" the language. So wouldnt you think that if they cannot speak English, singing OUR national anthem in Spanish should be considered assimilating as they are not replacing the "US" in the Spanish version with "Mexico" or are they?! You guys complain that they are illegal, then even if they are legal and dont speak the language you complain, then when they do what they can to honor this country even if in Spanish you complain. And the pro's and illegals are supposed to be the whiners right?!

    Source(s): I can deal with that, but I saw someone the other day here put the English version of the Mexican Anthem on here translated word for word and the beauty of that anthem was lost in translation as well. Perhaps tweeking it a bit, not changing it had to be done to make it sound similar to what it means in English. Does that make sense?
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    Well I don't care what language a National Anthem is sung in. With our hopefully they words right. And hit the incredibly difficult notes found in it. But as long as it is done with respect the is no harm to foul. Think about it better it is rendered in words that are understood then not. Personally I have always preferred America the Beautiful. But that's my choice. Says more about us as a nation and people. What do you think??

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    They are basically giving this country a national anthem in espanol from the view of a anti-American Latino, that is jealous and trying to defame our history, through semi-sub conscious messages,,, how cute puke

    IF YOU CAN UNDERSTAND SPANISH IT IS CLEARLY A Low cultural jab at Americans, it cleary preaches ,,hey America is a bad country that took all it's land and ideas from the Latinos,,now we are coming here to be all one ,,, but us Latinos were and always will be better people,,,gmab

    Source(s): this song is about Latino false pride not American
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    I don't think it should be translated at all...word for word or not. This is America. We speak English. I don't mind if people want to move hear....that is what this country was built on...however, they should have to know english. I don't think we should have to print signs in two languages, I don't think schools should have to have books written in spanish....learn english if you want to live hear....I know if I were moving to another country I would be sure to know how to speak the language. That is part of moving.

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    It is disgusting. These kinds of concession have not been made for an immigrant group in the 230 years we have been a nation.

    Every other immigrant had the common courtesy to realize that it was their job as people wishing to join American society to learn English.

    What absolutely repugnant gall it shows for an immigrant group to attempt to alter this great nation.

    News flash - the constitution is in English- I guess if you can't read it- it doesn't apply to you.

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    People are way too caught up in symbolism. It's a fricken song. Who cares. You should be thrilled they are trying to praise the country, rather than be pissed that it doesn't match word for word.

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    Sick! That's twisted! Took a short break from illegal immigration, but back and loaded!

    I Agree with you! They are going to far!

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