I am looking for info about DirectBuy Canada?

I have heard about DirectBuy Canada and want to know why they require both you and your spouse to attend an open house with no exceptions. I find this very discriminatory. I would also like to know what the cost of a membership is and whether anyone has found it very useful or not. I am interested in more information than is presented on their web site. Perhaps I am overly cautious but, I find their methods of getting members to be suspicious.

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    I enquired via the Internet about DirectBuy a few months ago when we lived in Kelowna. First correspondence was a letter inviting me to the open house on the following weekend. Then I got a phone call from a "kid" who was calling to remind me to come. I started asking him questions and he talked in circles and kept repeating that I was to come on the weekend and it would all be explained. I told him we were moving provinces and he went right into his sales pitch on how a membership in BC will cost half less than the membership in Alberta and I should come and buy the membership and use it in Alberta. At that point I felt pestered and said good buy while his mouth was still going on about saving money on blinds, carpet, sinks blah blah blah.

    THEN on the plane I met a lady whi knew...heres what you get for a minimum member ship of $5000 AND a yearly fee. ....all the highest end stuff you could imagine at less than MSRP.


    Its for the extra capital people who want to do it themselves.

    I go to Home Depot ...its all I can afford.

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    The rational is that one of the two people is the decision maker in the family. That is not the rule but it is common. They are not a company that is a scam. Indeed they are very legitimate. The fees charge vs. the potential savings is not compareable to anyother company I have worked with yet. you are basically buying at a true wholesale price.

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