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Help, I am completely BROKE and have no home. Is MLM / Network Marketing my only answer?

I know they say its easy and about sponsoring people and stuff, and I can do that. Should I put all my focus on MLM and just do whatever it takes to become rich? I need some advice.

Anyone have a good MLM to recommend?

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    Believing in yourself in any endeavor is critical but that hardly guarantees success.

    No matter how much you believe you can run through a brick wall you cannot do it.

    MLM is the brick wall of business plans since its based on a completely flawed exponential growth plan.

    3 who get 3 who get 3 reaches the billions of people within 30 levels yet droves of the naive flock to MLM companies in search of a false hope of riches. To be excited about MLM you either have to be too unintelligent too comprehend the math or too naive to consider it. Either way, do you want to be one of them?

    ...and yes, I realize your question is meant to be a joke as I have read your profile. Thanks for the public service.

    Too funny!

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    MLM/Network Marketing is a great way to become rich. If you good with people then this is the right business for you. I love the company I work for they have showed me that I just need to believe in my self and I will become successful.

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    You are broke so you will finance the MLM with what ?

    MLM is a BS plan to suck $$ from the clueless who have a few $$ (you have none) but if you get some you want to flush it to some snake operating a MLM ?

    I foresee longggggg term poverty in your future with that plan.

    Get in Salvation Army (shelter) and get with the job program. Get skills & get real jobs . . . that is a better path to $$.

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