Who thinks eBay's feedback system needs improvement? What do you think of this suggestion?

The feedback system has a basic flaw. Most sellers will not leave feedback for a buyer, until the buyer leaves feedback for them. This is a flaw because if a perfect, fast paying buyer leaves poor feedback for a non-performing seller, buyer risks retaliatory feedback.


-On the member profile page (where the feedback information is listed) ebay should have one entry for EVERY completed transaction including status of transaction and status of feedback. If no feedback has been left, it should say so.

-Positive points should be assumed and automatically issued by eBay for each completed transaction to every buyer after 2 weeks, unless a seller files a non-paying bidder complaint.

-Positive points should be assumed and issued automatically by eBay for each completed transaction after 30 days, unless a buyer files a complaint.

-Comments both positive and negative could still be allowed and shown for each transaction.

-Unresolved complaints should subtract 1 point


-This would help sellers by giving credit for transactions with lazy buyers who forget or don?t bother with feedback.

-This would help buyers by giving credit for transactions where they performed properly as buyers should, but their seller withholds feedback.

-This would help eBay by providing more meaningful information for both buyers and sellers

I made this suggestion to eBay. It you agree, maybe you could let them know, too.

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    1 decade ago
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    I do!

    Have some purchases, and some sales, that never got feedback!

    And, each was a great deal with no complaints!

    Where it hurts is that there are certain levels that must be attained before certain rights accrue!

    The recent sales of PS3 boxes, for example, where you need 50 of stars to sell one!

    I have been sitting here with 49 Stars and buying stuff, selling stuff, and about a dozen (12!!!) members haven't EVER sent me any feedback!!!

    So, at this point, it is criminal, because I have been deprived of a Right! So, 2 weeks ago I bought a cheap CDrom, and am still waiting for it... Again, ebay sorta stinks, but, what else is there?

    Monopolies suck. And, I am STILL waiting for that cheap CDrom!

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree on the point that positive feedback should be left for the seller, if the buyer doesn't leave feedback.

    I've had over 10 transactions where I left positive feedback and they never left me feedback at all.

    I don't think that automatic positive feedback should be left, because some buyers and sellers are scum. Some people don't leave any feedback because it's not worth their time (unless they are leaving negative feedback).

    I don't see how feedback really makes or breaks a sale, unless the feedback is really low. If a seller has over 100 positive feedbacks left, and they have 1 negative feedback, that doesn't mean they are a bad seller. It just means a certain buyer had a bad day and wanted to leave negative feedback to make themselves feel better.

    Source(s): personal experience
  • 1 decade ago

    Biggest flaw of your suggestion.




    in ebay, yahoo or any other auction site.

    Sellers do not have any obligation to leave any feedback, and neither do buyers

    And I as a seller, will only leave feedback once ALL aspects of the transactions are done. Ie, the buyer has RECEIVED and to their satisfaction the condition of the item, and they leave feedback stating such.

    I never leave feedback first as a seller.

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