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Am I pregnant????!?!?

I am on birth control and my boyfriend used a condom, but I am under stress and my period is a day late. Shouldn't the both together be like, 184% effective?


You folks are helpful, despite you not noticing I am a male.

Update 2:

I don't know why I did this, it just seems that there are a fair amount of people on here who happen to be having an inordinate amount of unprotected sex and are baby crazy.

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    Jon I really didn't know that men could get pregnant or have a period for that matter... good luck in your trying though

    Happy Holidays

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    If you took your birth control correctly (around the same time every day) and used the condom correctly (before insertion) then you have a low chance of pregnancy. Birth control pills sometimes makes people skip periods. From now on, be sure to check the condom everytime after intercouse to ensure there were no leaks. You should be okay if you used both correctly. Also the percentage of effectiveness with typical use is 87% (failure rate of 13%) for condoms and 95% (failure rate of 5%) for birth control pills. (0.13 x 0.05 =failure rate of 0.0065). You're okay but get a test if you're worried.

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    bad question, but your period could be directly effected by your amount of stress, how often you have sex, and one day is not that big of a deal, just wait and see what happens, if it does not come in the next few days i would take a home pregnancy test

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    ur not pregnant. the two put together would be like a .5% chance of u getting pregnant..not very likely at all. stress is one of the main reasons why women have late periods, u may even miss a whole cycle due to the stress.just relax and it will come.

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    That fact that your stressed could be the reason your period is late so just take a pregnancy test to ease your mind

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    well its not possible for it to be more than 100% effective and NOTHING is 100% effective. you should be 99.9 tho, if you are taking your pill properly. If you're stressed out , it might just be from that.. take a test, ease your mind.

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    Get a pregnancy test at a clinic.

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    i searoulsy doubt you are pregnant

    as long as you take your pill everyday ontime then no

    but if you dont take your pill possibley

    it will also mess up your hormones

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    yes u are

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