Help with dreamweaver and navigation bar in fireworks?

I am designing my shool website, and have not had any trouble until recently my navigation bar I created in Fireworks will not paste into the site, I am getting an error message that states " While executing onClick in fireworks HTML.htm the following Javascript errors occured:

At line 438 of file " C:/Program Files/Macromedia/Dreamweaver MX 2004/ Configuration/ Shared/ MM/ Scripts/ insert fireworks HTML.js"

Type error: menuFn.match(searchPatt) has no properties


when I click ok, it does it again and does not insert my navigation bar.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    when you say menuFn.match(searchPatt)

    the var menuFn is supposed to be a string... but it has no properties!

    all strings have the match property! (it's the function to do the search)

    SO.... I guess you never declared menuFn or you declared it WiTh A DiFfErEnT case. such as menufn.

  • hoeg
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    4 years ago

    it particularly is extremely sturdy yet you will would desire to desire to earnings a hell of lots to persist with it. you would be able to desire to apply Fireworks, Photoshop with it top. Oh, and you're in a position to appreciate... Dreamweaver is in basic words a coding device, it won't help you "format". discovering reachable code XHTML and CSS would desire to be your first purpose, and that i'd desire to propose utilising a text cloth-editor to initiate with. Dreamweaver is an severe priced determination for locating with, exceptionally at the same time as there are dozens of astonishing loose/low-cost editors around.

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