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How much does your dog weigh - what's a normal weight for pug puppies?

I know, I talk way too much about my dog,but anyway.

He is 4 months old, a pug, and he weighs 11 lbs, just guessing I think he is about 1'3''..i think ( or the length of my computer keyboard actually,lol) , if that makes any difference, he isn't fat at all , but I was just wondering if this is under/over/normal - weight for a pug pup.

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    The genral rule for dogs, is that you want to be able to feel their ribs just a little bit when gently running your hand down thier sides. if you can't feel the ribs at all, it's time to cut back on the dog's diet and up the exercise. If you can REALLY feel the ribs, they need to be getting more food. At four months, he should be on a feeding schedule; you only feed twice a day (or maybe 3 times), but only feed the amount recomended by your vet. Even the amount recomended on the bag of dog food can be too much!

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    A full grown male pug weighs between 18-20 pounds. Remember that because pugs can have trouble breathing, it is wiser to have a fit & trim pug rather than an overweight one. You may want to call your vet and ask him/her what they think is a good weight for your pug puppy to be at.

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    Our dogs weigh?

    Mr. says one of them is 179 lbs, the other around there. The other probably fifty I guess and puppy 10-20 guessing?

    I have no clue what a pub is supposed to weigh at 4 months old...

    What is wrong with talking about our critters :0) You are doing fine, love to hear about other people critters too!

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    My pug weighs in at 6 pounds full gown. What the hell are you feeding yours?

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    it is possibe if the dog eat 1 pound of meat u can add 1 pound of meat to his weaight usaaly doys dont weigh that much

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    There is a way to tell if your dog is over/under/normal weight. If you can see his back rib, it is normal. If you can see none of his ribs, he is over weight. If you can see all of his ribs, he is under weight.

    Hope this helps.

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