Pregnant or NOT? Irregular ovulation cycles (ave of 35-36days)?

My wife & I have been trying to conceive the past 2 mths. 1st mth, we miscalculated her cycle and threw it out the window. This mth, I ignored the cycle & went at it every other day, sometimes back to back to back days. Her most recent cycle was on OCT 20th, and prior to that was SEPT 12th. It is now 45days since her last period. Only early possible signs of pregnancy I can really tell are 2 occasions of what I believe is morning sickness w/in the past 10days & increase in size yet extreme tenderness in the breasts. The tenderness is opposite of how they normally are when she hits her period & she’s showing no sign of having one. Tired easily now. Been on prenatal for 1+ yr & has been taking Vitamin C last couple weeks due to flu season. We’ve done the pregnancy test twice w/in 4days and both are negatives. Either she is not pregnant or her hormone level does not fluctuate enough for it to pick up. She doesn’t want to see a doctor YET due to some superstitions. Any Idea?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    see a dr!

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