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Is my boyfriend gay?

Ok, so like I've been seeing this guy for like a month now at school, and so we where together on the weekend, and I wanted to have sex with him but he kept saying he doesn't want to have sex. So I'm like "Oh what is it? Am ugly? Are you seeing some other girl?" And he said no, but he just doesn't want to have sex because he said he doesn't want to get into trouble n sh!t.

So I told my bff today at school, and she said she thinks he might be gay, because she knows he aint seein any other girl, because her schedule is like his and shes in like 3 other classes of his

Like seriously, there ain't no guy in high school who doesn't want to have sex. It's just a fact of life. And I'm not ugly at all. I'm on the cheer team, and most guys like us girls on the cheer team, because I know my last boyfriend sure did.

So is he like gay or something? I dont wanna be dating some gay guy.


O ya ... it is a Catholic high school, but hes not really religious. He is always getting into trouble n sh!t, so thats why I was surprised he wouldnt have sex with me. TRUST me, he's the type of guy that would want to have sex with a girl if he had the chance.

Update 2:

It's a Catholic school but most kids here have sex, just like any public school. ALL my friends have sex, and so do most of the guys who have girlfriends. Like seriously WTF, he is popular n sh!t.

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    No..........he is a easy with him....let him go at his own pace.....he will when hes ready

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    wow a guy that doesn't want to have sex....... girl you in heaven! Maybe he isn't ready to have sex, maybe he scared, have you every thought this could be his first time to, ( there are guys that are out there who are virgins to this day) well what ever the reason he doesn't want to have sex is i can insure you hes not gay ( unless you seen him looking at guys in a different way or acting weird around guys like a flirting sort of way the i would have to give you the sad news and say he gay) lol just watch out for signs and if he matches up on the signs that hes gay the approach him and ask him if he would be interested in so n so gay ( but please do this in a nice way. GOOD LUCK!

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    First things first, he IS NOT GAY!

    If he was gay, do you think he would be going out with you?

    I'm pretty sure he wouldn't.

    Secondly, I'm a guy in highschool, and I've had some pretty hot chicks offer to have sex, and I've turned down EVERY ONE.

    Just because you don't want to loose your virginity, which is basically all you really have to offer your mate, dosen't mean you are gay.

    Think of it like this... When you go to buy a pair of underware at the store, would you wan't to buy a pair that is dirty, and nasty?

    Truth is, you more than likely (if not surely) would not buy them.

    Same principle for sex, you wouldn't want to marry someone that is already used if you had the chance to get someone that is clean.

    Make sense?

    I hope I helped answer your question.

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    Do y'all do other stuff? Like make out and all that? You could probably tell how "into it" he is during those times. If it doesn't seem like he's into it, I might wonder.

    But right now I'm thinking that all the other reasons the others here say he doesn't want to have sex with you are just as much a possibility.

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    I doubt he's gay. He's right... Sex leads to children, children at such a young age will consume the rest of your life and you'll never have one of your own. Im so confused about you... You just posted a question that said you were doggin on some girl about being a whore because she slept with stephen 5 times, and now you say you sleep with this guy, and you slept with your X! So... before you call other people names or put their personal business out there for everyone else to know about... Look in the mirror sweets.

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    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you're incredibly insecure and needy.

    Also, believe it or not, not every guy, even as a teenager, is a drooling sex fiend just waiting to explode. Your boyfriend may just be uptight about sex in general, or may be wary of getting you pregnant because he's been told a bunch of horror stories or knows someone who has gotten pregnant.

    If you're not happy with a man who isn't constantly trying to tear your clothes off, find one who is and leave this gentleman alone. The last thing he needs is to be called a fag by his supposed girlfriend.

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    There could be a chance that he's just a decent guy and doesn't want to have sex with you yet. Doesn't have to mean he's gay! I think you should tell him how you feel. And just for the record, you shouldn't be having sex with him you care if you get pregnant? Maybe he's thought about this and that's why he doesn't want none!

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    Well yes you have a reason to think something is wrong.. because like you said what teenage guy would turn sex down..It cant be your ugly because they dont care about that... sex is sex and they are going for the gold.. why dont you ask your bf what is going on.. tell him is ok that he wants to wait or not have sex but you would like a reason why?? Then again study his body language is he feminine like.. does he act gay?? or just ask the guy are you gay?? and assure him that you will remain friends but you cant be in a relationship with him...

    I think you need to talk and get him to tell you what is wrong.good luck.

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    properly, the way you position it, he does sound slightly on the gay section. provide it slightly more advantageous time and if he does more advantageous female issues with then you definitely sit down him down and ask him flat out without being rude or disrespectful. you do not opt for to smash his emotions, so the perfect component to do is to in elementary words ask him on your human being sweet way. Now don't be taken aback if he receives indignant before everything, the first reaction is frequently the most excellent one. only tell him that you're literally not attempting to smash his emotions, you in elementary words opt for to understand the position you adult males stand in courting smart. and then in case you experience like the courting isn't getting any more advantageous suited, advise friendship. you could not bypass incorrect with friendship, and there is not some thing like having a gay guy as a pal. they frequently make the bestest pals. Oh yea, and only because a gay perhaps a male cheerleader, that really doesn't make him gay. attempt to imagine in case you word yet another male cheerleader that possibly he did not make the football crew. i wish each and everything works out for you. God Bless

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    The man may just have what is called MORALS....If he doesnt wan to have sex then you respect that and do not push the issue...He doesnt have to be gay just because he doesnt want to have sex....And for your friend who take classes with the guy, she doesnt know him to where she should make that kind of assumption.....And for the record, there ARE guys in HS who arent about the "sex scene", you'd be surprised.....So the saying, "everyones doing it".....Its a lie

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    Maybe your boyfriend is just more mature and responsible than you are. If you go through life thinking that every guy who doesn't want to bang you must be gay, you've got a rough road ahead of you.

    So, how long has it been since you last saw your father? Ever? Is he in jail? Are you parents separated, divorced, or never married? Because it sounds like you have issues with seeking approval from males in inappropriate ways.

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