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I really need help?

I`ve just had a misscarriage 7 weeks ago and i`ve really gotton depressed to the point were i want to kill myself if i go 2 the doctors for depression tablets he will say no because im only 17 what should i do please help me and im still bleeding heavy went back to hospital today and they said i had still got some of the baby in me but they wont do a scrape PLEASE HELP ME

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    I'm so sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago and it was of the most devastating, saddest things I have ever gone through. One of the things we have done in my home which brings me comfort is that I put a figureine that I associate with her (since it was a gift when I found out I was pregnant) and also, we named her. She will always be my little baby, my first--always and nothing will ever, ever change that. (I should mention, perhaps, that she was too young to know her gender for sure, but I really felt it was a girl).

    It's absolutely normal to feel the loss of your child after a miscarriage. It is also normal to feel post-partem depression after a miscarriage as well. It's normal, but it's not healthy and you are right in discerning that you require further treatment due to the severity of your symptoms.

    A good doctor will be sure to recommend you to a good psychiatrist--which is the type of doctor that is qualified to counsel and to prescribe medicine for depression (a regular doctor cannot generally do this). A good doctor will also be sure to see to it that all of the baby is no longer in your womb because if something is left behind, it can cause infection.

    These are characteristics of a good doctor. It does not sound like you have a good doctor. If you are not sure where to turn, you can contact your local Pregnancy Resource Center ( They keep a list of doctors to which they refer their clients and they are free and they are confidential.

    I will remember you and your baby in my prayers. Please do not despair. There are people out there that will want to help you when they find out about your situation. God bless!

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    I am sorry for your loss. I too have had a miscarriage in the past! It is not an easy thing to get over! But I agree..maybe god does have something better planned for you! Wait a few years..till you find the right man you want to settle down with and try to start a family! Oh yeah and you need a phsychologist..someone to talk to who can also help with the depression! GOOD LUCK

    Source(s): mommy of 2 lil boys & 18 weeks along with baby #3
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    Get yourself some help. Don't be afraid to go to the doctor and explain what you're going through - that's why they're there. And you may not be prescribed anything - you're more likely to get a referral to a counsellor so you can talk this out. As for the physical symptoms, see another doctor for a 2nd opinion. They be absolutely right in that you're own body will take some time to flush itself out, but a 2nd opinion will help to ease your mind about it.

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    you need a different doctor and you need to go to counseling to help you get over this loss. i am sorry for your loss but maybe god has something better planned for you(not being a teen mother). I have 2 and it's hard, hard work and i am 34 yrs old. wait til at least 20 til you get pregnant again...enjoy your fiancee cause once the baby comes, it's ALL about the baby. Hardly any time for you and your fiancee ALONE. my kids are 8 yrs apart and i meant to do it that way!!!

    Source(s): 10 month old son and 8 yr old daughter
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    First, age has nothing to do with anti-depressants. You need to talk to a different doctor.

    I'm so sorry that you have been going through need to get onto a different, more empathetic doctor sweetie.

    Keep on at medical professionals until you get what you know you need :)

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    Please call someone honey I recommend you to go to counseling. Did you tell your Dr. that your at that point? If you haven't please tell them. So someone can help you. Your so young. I know the feeling but trust me you will be ok. It is a hard time right now but there will be a time for you 2 hold a child, unfortunately right now was not the time. You will be ok just stay positive, look at the sunny side and keep yourself busy with the things you like to do. But please call a hot-line

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    You really do need a second opinion to get your body cleared out. And then try talking to someone to help clear your mind. There's lots and lots of reasons babies just don't make it sometimes so please don't blame yourself. God just decided that one just wasn't ready for this world. Please say a prayer, see your doctor and get some help to talk this through.

  • you need to get a new doctor hunnie fast....... go to a different hospital if possible..... because it doesn't matter about age have your parents go with you and they could sign for the medication you need because your health is more important hun... I am sorry to hear about your lose

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    Tell you nurse that you've thought about killing yourself. The nurse will help you. I hope you get better.

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