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I am trying to send a mp3 song through yahoo email, but the file exceeds the recommended file size, is there?

anyway to decrease the file size so that I can send the song? If so how????????????? Thanks!!

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    There are file forwarding sites such a sendfile .com or dropload .com. They have all the instructions. Basically you upload the file to the forwarder and send an email with the link.

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    You could try splitting the file into smaller pieces and sending those. Several freeware programs like FileSplit and MasterSplitter (both available at will split large files into chunks of a selected size which can then be sent individually. These programs also produce a .BAT (batch executable) file to reconstruct the original file from its pieces, so be sure to include the .BAT file in your last email.

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    an mp3 is a highly compressed file as is, it is not possible to compress it further.

    if you have AIM you can send the file directly to the person you wish to send it to. other than that you are kinda SOL.

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