Getting plastic surgery?

im looking to get lower eyelid surgery to fix a hereditary issue that I have and I was wondering if anybody could tell me about their experiences, or even just pass along knowledge. I know it'll be rather costly, but i'm hoping it won't be ridiculously expensive, and i'm also starting to look for surgeons, but am having trouble knowing what to really look for. Thanks!

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    Luckily, I don't think it is *ridiculously* expensive. It looks like it can cost anywhere from about $2000 to $6000, but that upper end of the spectrum is more for surgery on BOTH lids. I'm sure just the lower lid is less, and from there the cost will depend on where you live, what kind of fees are involved, and the extent of your surgery. You say this is to correct a hereditary condition. If this is something that is hindering your vision, you might be eligible for a little insurance coverage. That and all the details of the procedure are really worth speaking to a professional about. The smartest thing to do when considering plastic surgery is to do lots of research and consult with several plastic surgeons. Especially since this would be done in such a delicate area, you'd really want to make sure you're choosing an experienced eyelid surgery specialist. I'm including a link below that should help you with your research.

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    can't tell you much, but definitely make sure your doctor is a Board Certified plastic surgeon! this is very important, and also ask if you can talk to past patients to see how they liked him/her. once you do that, and decide to do the surgury, start taking the herbal supplement, Arnica about a month before. it will drastically help in the post-opp bruising!

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    my brother does these kinds of ops. you have nothign to worrie about AS long as you have a great doctor. Look into the doctor. Don't just go to anyone. I good spot to visit is the Beverlyhills area. there are many good ones there. My brother is located there and eals with many highclass people and stars. Don't go to just anyone. Hope I helped.

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    I am starting to get the droopy dog look to the uppers. I enquired about getting upper lids & below the eye done & it will run about $4,000. This varries depending on where you live.

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    Really think about it before taking that big step

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