2003 GMC 2500 - check engine light and "reduced engine power" what are possible causes?

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    You will have to get it scanned. This might answer your question.

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    Your truck is still under the GM factory emission warranty. That covers Cat converter and PCM issues. It is very possible that is what your issue is related to. However there are so many possibilities you will never know without scanning the codes.

    My professional opinion is to tell you to take it to a GM dealer and ask them. Keep in mind you are outside of the bumper to bumper warranty most likely but the emission warranty is still good unless you have over 80,000 miles on it. It doesn't matter if you are the origonal owner or not either.

    On the other hand, yor truck could be a diesel. In that case your warranty on the D-Max engine is good for 100,000 miles.

    Get the free GM repair if you can. I would at least call them first.

    Source(s): General Motors Area Service Manager
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    Check the Fuel Censors.. we had that problem with our GMC too and that was the cause. Buy one of those hand held Auto Code Reader and plug it in to a cord under your steering column.. this contraption will tell you what the problem is. They're not overly expensive either, and they work for any newer vehicle!

    Autobody's will charge you big $$$ to check your vehicle to see what is wrong, but if you buy this 'reader' will tell you exactly what is the problem!!!

    I hope this helps!!!

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    Advance Auto Parts and Auto Zone will check the engine light for free and help you figure out the problem.

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