Can you see someones aura through a picture?

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    Living things...are moist. When the electricity enters the living object, it produces an area of gas ionization around the photographed object, assuming moisture is present on the object. This moisture is transferred from the subject to the emulsion surface of the photographic film and causes an alternation of the electric charge pattern on the film. If a photograph is taken in a vacuum, where no ionized gas is present, no Kirlian image appears. If the Kirlian image were due to some paranormal fundamental living energy field, it should not disappear in a simple vacuum (Hines 2003).

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    Some say you can, some say you can't. I've seen pictures with colors that imply the aura. But I honestly don't know. I can't see any auras when looking at a picture, but I can see them when in a persons presence.

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    There are special cameras that can take a picture of you that show your aura. A Psychic group I work for has one and the pictures they take do show colors around the individual. It's quite fascinating.

    Source(s): Pegasus Productions Psychic Fairs
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    It is a debatable question--some say that aura can be seen that way--some say no you can't.

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