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Is there anyway to know?

I really would like to know how many people are on my flight. Im flying AA (american airlines). Is there any way i can see how many people are on the flight before i even get there? and maybe what their names are? i was just wondering, thanx.


I was just wondering about names. i didnt know if u could or not. im just curious.

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    You won't be able to see their names without a court order, but you can see how full the plane is by going to the airline's web site. Use the trip booking tool to locate your exact flight/day/time and then use the "select seats" to see how full the plane is. There will actually be a few "premium" seats--- slightly better, preferred seats in coach that might have an extra inch or two of leg room--- blocked out for frequent fliers only, and they may or may not be reserved, but you can at least get an idea of how full the plane is going to be.

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    Well, Airlines will not release the names or final destinations of it's passengers for security reasons. However, if you call the airline before your flight, you can ask them if the flight is at capacity.

    I've done this before (though before 9/11) because my son is autistic and I wanted to know if we could have a whole row for him to lay down as he was going to be sedated....and we were flying southwest so there was no designated seating.

    One question back to you......(you can leave additon comments)...why would you want to know the names of the other strangers who are flying on your plane? That is a litle odd.

    In any case,........good luck and God Bless

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    If you have a buddy who works for the airline or Homeland Security you might be able to determine who is reserved on the flight and how many people are booked but I doubt they'd be willing to lose their positions if someone found out that they told you.

    You could also try using Airtroductions to get a seat mate that you might enjoy traveling with to your destination.

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    their names you can't. however you should be able to choose your seat online, then you can see how many free seats there are.

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