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I am trying to get pregnant.?

I find my patients is running thin waiting each month to see if my period has started or not then run to the store for a pregnancy test. Is anyone else feeling the anxiety of impatience?

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    Hi there... My husband I have been trying to conceive sine the past 10 months... and as every month goes by I get more impatient, sometimes worried too thinking if there could be some problem... and because of alllll this anxiety my once perfectly normal menstural cycle has gone allll irregular... I started becoming so irregular in my cycle... that there started to be really long delays for my period.. and I mistook it as being pregnant.. took pregnancy test many times... negative... then get more frustrated... hehehe.. but, my husband is very supportive... So, what I am planning is to directly go to a doctor and consult without fear... Find out what we could do... But, I get scared thinking, what if the doctor says something's wrong with me.. etc etc... and the fear is getting worse, since my parents and in-laws have been pressing for me to conceive since right after my marriage... we avoided the subject at first coz, we were not prepared then... So, maybe i'll have to watch my nerves till the doctor says something... (something good hope)

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    Hang in there. Try not to let yourself get too anxious about this. Anxiety makes the entire process even more difficult. It took us ten years to get pregnant the first time. Don't let that scare you. As soon as we got serious and went to a fertility specialist, we got pregnant right away. Just try to relax. It will most likely happen when things are right.

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    more than you'll ever know...We've been TTC for 14 months, my impatience was getting the best of me and i finally got a doctor's appointment. eventually it'll get easier, atleast it did for me, yes i still want a baby so bad i can't stand it, but i've come to terms with the fact that it'll happen when it happens, and not when i want it to. well good luck

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    Yeah I am too. I am just excepting the fact, that when it happens it happens. I get anxious, but only if I am late will I start to get really anxious. Its normal. Just be patient.

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