wants me to generate an email list for potential students for a computer training program that she is offereing. She does not want to pay for a marketing list so were would I go to find this kind of informtion. Am I a complete moron to think that it is not possible without spending money. We have a company database, however she does not want to contact these same people again. Help!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If your boss wants you to make a list of potential students, then you will have to either spend the money and get a list from a marketing company or make a list your self by calling schools or doing the research yourself, Which would take way to long. I may also be ignorant to another way of doing it, but I do believe you are correct in thinking that you will probably need to contact a marketing agency if you do not want to use your company database.

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    Your boss is insane for thinking that kind of list will appear out of thin air! You will need to pay someone to get that kind of generated list. Either that or contacting different schools and putting out your own contact information on certain websites or even on bulletin boards at schools. But that would take a very long time to accumulate a list worth submitting an email for a training program. You could always create a myspace account and get the word out like that.

    Not sure how else it would be possible.

    Sorry but it looks like you're in a tough spot!

    Good luck though!

  • 1 decade ago

    Ask your boss for a couple of 10% or 15% discount coupons (not direct out-of the pocket money)... Then send an email to all the people on your mailing list stating that your company is offering this discount for anyone who nominates someone to take the course (they will automatically send you lots of emails, and it's totally legitimate).

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