How Much Is Too Much And Is This it?

My boyfriend works and I don't. I stay home and keep the house clean. I mop, vaccum, cook, do the dishes, laundry, dusting, clean the bathroom, I do all the house work. Everything. Some weekends he'll work in the yard and I help him there too. I do have money coming in too, from a small business I do so when I'm not cleaning [mostly at night] I am working on that. Plus I take care of my 8 year old son. I do everything for him. But he's my son and when my bf and I got together he said he'd help and really doesn't too much. It's all on me, which as far as my son goes that's ok. But do you think I cater too much to my boyfriend? I even put away his clothes pick up his dirty clothes, I do it all. Am I being used? I do pay bills too, half the rent, the electric and the gas and water. So it's not like he's taking care of me. Plus I buy more than half the groceries. If I run short of money I borrow money from him, I always pay him back. So what do you think?

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    I think he's definitely got a sweet situation going for himself. You should tell him that he needs to pull his weight with the housework since you're going half-and-half on finances. He can't use the excuse of him being the bread-winner since you bring in money, too. If he refuses to help you out around the house, then he's not a keeper.

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    HHMMMM....You sound a lot like my sis.....If you aren't working and are assuming the role of stay at home, which is what I do, then you are doing all the things you are supposed to would be the right thing for him to help you out....afterall being a mother is a full time job. I would ask him to do simple things like rinseing his dish when he is done aand put in the dishwasher and making sure he picks his dirty clothes up and puts them into designated hampers so the laundry ia already sorted when you go to wash it....GOOD LUCK!!

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    Why do you have to calculate. I think its fine even if one of the partners is doing more than other as long as both of the partners undertand it well. Try and talk to him to share responsibilites if you are unhappy

  • 1 decade ago

    I think you are doing what a wife is doing for her husband (eventhough you're not his wife ),you are not being used unless he asks you to do all these things,you can stop whatever bothers you to do ,but if you love him ,do everything to live happily with him ..

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