Helping Memory and Concentration Skills?

Does anyone know what I can use to enhance my memory, whether it's foods, vitiamins, or medical remedies...because I find that I have trouble at times concentrating and remembering things...I think it may have something to do with a fall back in 94'...but I need to know what can help me...

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    They have a product out called Focus Factor. It a supplement that is about $40 a bottle. I haven't tried it, but I've heard it works pretty well. A simple and effective exercise I do is Crosswords or Sudoku. You just have to start doing some things that would stimulate your brain power. It raises your concentration level, which in turn will help you to remember much better.

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    There are no oral remedies that will enhance your memory & concentration. However, there's a strong correalation with grains, vegetable, fruit, and other good fiber & complex carb sources that may contribute to a good healthy "gray matter" that you got there. Aside from that , it should be your physical & MENTAL exercise factor. Physical meaning whether it's hitting the gym for a good workout or simply going for walks or running all done properly. The mental aspect may include reading materials that will challenge your brain in a most cognitive way, ie. critical thinking. And oh yes, JESS up there is correct in saying mental stress may play a big role in focus and concentration. And FLOWERS below me is speaking of a meditation type exercise. The one shared is good too, I personally prefer the more traditional type meditation (relaxing whole body, clearing mind in a tranquel setting. All of these simple steps did HUGE WONDERS FOR ME and I hope it does for you too.

    BTW depending on your injury, if it was a n extensive head trauma, you should of been told by your doctor if there would of been certain complication stemming from it. Otherwise, most cases of memory loss or other side effects are quite rare in minor head injuries.

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    Well, keeping your brain exercised by reading on current events and taking classes often helps people maintain memory better. Stress has a huge factor in it; I often can lose things in less than a minute if I put them down while worrying about something else.

    You might want to consider talking to a physician about the situation; it may be time for a CAT scan or MRI or other scan to determine if something wasn't permanently damaged.

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    i can help you with the concentration prob. U find a blanck white paper(or a plain white wall will do), then U make a dot with a red pen and try to stare at the red dot for as long as possible without thinking of anything(with nothing else on your mind). the dot should b clear but not necessirly big just visible enough. hope this helps, good luck! and U hav to kip doin it continously(ex.2times daily)

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    do memory excersises

    like playing that memory card game

    do crosswords and word puzzles

    write letters instead of emailing people

    read alot of books

    all these will help you with you memory

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    If you attribute it to a fall, please consider seeing a doctor. You might have hurt your brain in some way. I hope everything is going to be OK.

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