How long could it possible take to get pregnant after having an emergency ectopic pregnancy?

removing pregnancy&removed left side fallopian tube cause of scarr tissue blocking the baby from floating so how long it take after havin surgery and wait 1month. is it possible to get pregnant like in 2 months?or more

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First, allow me to express my sympathy for your ectopic pregnancy. It can sometimes be an emotionally and physically pain full thing to go through.

    I absolutely recommend that you first follow your doctors' instructions on how long to wait before actively trying again.

    Once you have healed up properly, I would expect that your chances of becoming pregnant again would be about the same as they were before your surgery. The statistics vary depending on your age, health, etc., and it's difficult to give a time line - some very fertile people can take several months to become pregant, and others become pregnant right away.

    The great news is that you know that you and your significant other are fertile - you have been able to become pregnant once, and will very likely get that way again quickly.

    Best of Luck to you!

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