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Peanut butter&jelly side down: gravity or spin?

Always peanut butter&jelly side down for me! You too, I bet! Two insistent theories I've heard: (1) gravity favors the peanut butter&jelly side, makes it tend toward the floor [makes sense] or...(2) bread starts spinning; number of spins leaves peanut butter&jelly side down depending on height of drop [no matter whether peanut-buttered and jellied or not...]

One place you'll find (2) in print is page 91 of "mental_floss presents: ...Condensed Knowledge"

What think?

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    I suspect that Murphy's Law is based in Chaos Theory mingled with Karma.

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    Since it is well known that a cat always lands on its feet, and a PB&J always lands PB side down, tape a peanut butter sandwich to a cat and you will solve the anti-gravity problem. Both forces will want to land first, and the whole mess will end up spinning about two feet off the floor.

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