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Will drinking wine spoil my diet? Can it make me fat?

I am on, I guess you can say a diet, I am eating very small portions staying away from fats starches, bad carbs etc. I like drinking wine though.

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    Alcohol is considered empty calories with little benefit. Yes, drinking can make you fat.

    Moderation in all things! Drier wines (less sugar) are better.

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    wine has 79 calories per 3.5oz serving

    as with all things, anything in excess can cause problems. If you look at the Mediterranean people as a whole. They are pretty fit and wine is a big part of the diet. If you drink in moderation you should have no problems. Plus the health benefits of wine are something you should take into consideration as well. Glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away :-)

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    Wine has about 120 calories per standard serving. You should not drink more than three glasses per day. So you can have wine depending on what else you're doing in your diet. Also, remember red wine is actually very good for you!

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    Wine lovers tend to have healthier diets than beer drinkers because they favor foods such as olives, fruit and vegetables.

    A five-ounce glass of dry white table wine may have 1.25 grams of carbohydrates, while a similar portion of red may go up to 2.5 grams; sweet wines will have substantially more.

    Cut back on sweet drinks and fatty snacks, and you'll have plenty of room in your diet for a little wine.

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    NO Drink white wine. It has the least amount of carbs.

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    wine has natural sugar. Sugar turns to carbs. Carbs turn to fat. but, you will not blow up like a cow for drinking in moderation.

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    Alcohol is metabolized in the body the same way sugar it is similar to ingesting carbs...not great for a diet.

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    If you drink like 2 bottles a day it will but in the right amount it will not influence that much.

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    Don't shut red wine completely, it shown to be very beneficiary to your health. Have a glass a day.

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    Your body processes alcohol before anything else, including carbs.

    Yes, it will slow you down. If you can't stop drinking that's a separate problem. People who are addicted to food are often addicted to other behaviors as well -- alcohol, smoking, gambling, internet, shopping.

    A review of yourself can help.

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