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What diet do u give your dog when he has mucus in thier chest?

Or any home remedies? I already went to Vet.

No help there...

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    Your dog has mucus in his chest and the vet won't give him an antibiotic? I'd say get another opinion from a different vet. Sounds like he could have pneumonia or another bronchial infection.

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    If your dog is really phlegmy you may want to try a couple mil of lemon juice to help loosen things up. As a Bulldog owner, mucus can be a big problem and generally that will help. Just be warned that the lemon juice can be a little too helpful with expelling the mucus and you may end up with a floor full, so keep an eye on the dog for a bit afterwards!

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    I would go to a different vet. Junk in the lungs can turn into a bigger problem if left too long. I would not use OTC stuff.

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    Try a new vet.

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    Scallops and lobster.

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