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helps please dating?

my mom is the youngest of her family, she was what they call a late life baby for my grand mother, so some of my cousins are three to four times as old as I is 50 and he loves younger girls, he actually gets more girls than I have ever thought of having or dating. I have only dated a couple, and he has gone to bed with so many girls almost my age.

how is he doing this?

how is he getting these girls to go out with him?

thank you for your help.

again I am so confused at life and what's going on


I do not think it is a GAME

but I would like to have a girlfriend or two also

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    Maybe it is because they think he has money.. Gold diggers.... because we know it isn;t love if he has new ones alot.. he is using these girls and that is someone you do not want to be like... take your time and the right girl will come along.... If you want a serious relationship love and respect the girls.. do not use them like he doing he is a dog.

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    First of all, stop caring about what he's doing...

    2nd he's probaly got money to take these women out and if u notice he's dating no women is actually sticking around so now it doesn't seem so great huh?

    Its fun to date the whole reason to dating is to get someone to actually care enough to continue, instead he's dating a lot and sleeping around and then he dates another chick and so forth and so on...he's really not that happy cause its the same meanless chatter with different girls..he's gonna get tired.

    He's looking for someone and he hasn't had any luck that's why there has been so many women...

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    In this world SHY guys are losers.

    Haven't u see men in 60, 70 going out with young girls?

    haven't u see women in 70, 80 going out with young boys?

    Everyone wants the BEST! What is the problem with that?

    Get treatment to not be SHY and you would WIN in all parts of your life, including girls!

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    well, he probably has money, is good looking or has real good game, and perhaps you should ask him for some advice on how to treat girls or pick up girls, however don't just look for going out with girls for the sake of partying try to look for a good girl that is compatible with you, because if your cousin is 50 and still dating that means he hasn't found the right one and you cant go on living like that, never having a family of your own, in my opinion its not healthy. sure you can live like that but loneliness is harsh.

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    I guess girls are more mature for their age compared to guys. So many girls like to date older guys. Does he have money? That might be one. I wouldn't date a guy that is older than my dad or my younger than my dad. Hope this helps.

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    he goes for girls that have no respect twards themselves.

    in life it isn't a game to see how many you can get or sleep with.

    if you do think it's a game then obiously your not "ready" for dating.

    find someone who is for you, not test try tons and waste your time on ppl who aren't for you.

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    he might be kool atractive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!be like that cool atractive towards girlz!!!!!!!i get attracted towards those kind of boys!!!!

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