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Why cant i wear make up yet?

Hi i am christian girl who is in 6th grade. I know im not supposed to wear make up my mother never allow me 2 and that always been rule but at sleepover at my friends house she had some and we all put on lots of it i forgot about it when my mother came to pick me up she got really mad at me and when i got home she was madder and lecture me long time and washed my face off and i got spanked so hard i cryed! After she tell me she do for my own good and it is not right to wear make up and im too young, and say i cant improve on Gods work. She gave me bible verse 1 Timothy 2:9 to study. She says im too young try and act immodest and try to get attention from boys. Was that fair? Do the Bible really say it not good wear make up??

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    Dear Tia,

    1st of all, i am strict christian. my dad preaches, alot, and i had a hard time getting into make-up, nothing in the bible says "no" to make-up, but Honor your mother &father. if they say no, then no....not yet at least, just be patient. your mom is getting used to you growing up. as far as spanking goes, for playing dress up? no thats not right. even if you are a very strict christian. i wear make-up, but not real dark colors, skin toned, and my father doesnt mind. if you want to talk sometime, about anything, e-mail me : countryblondie_02@yahoo.com

    i'll be glad to give you any advise you need.

    God Bless!

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    I doubt the Bible says don't wear make up, but I see where you're mom is coming from. I too think you're too young to be wearing make up. I'm guessing you're 11 or 12. You're not even a teen yet.

    Wait until you're 13 to dabble in make-up. If U can't wait that long, ask your mom if U can have some clear lip-gloss. From there you can progress to lip-gloss w/ color. Then, maybe, she'll let U dabble in more make-up.

    Don't worry too much about boys and growing up. That will come anyway with or w/o makeup.

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    1. I think your mother is overdoing the biblical referencing. I am a VERY devout christian, but I think she has gone to far.

    2. You are too young for make up.

    3. From the commandments: Honor thy father and mother.

    As long as you are a minor, you need to obey your parents as long as they do not make rules that break laws of man or of God. You only have a few years left before you are 18. Focus on getting good grades, look early for ways to pay for college, and get out of thier house. Then you make the rules. Save your allowance and any cash you get as gifts from now on. Then you will have a way to move out even if you can't get to or don't want to go to college.

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    I would take either sides in this situation

    Your side-tell your mom that you're not trying to get attention from boys, you just want to look nicer

    Her side-You're only in 6th grade, geez, who you tryin' to impress?

    Heh heh, I would be a mutual party in this matter so I can't say which I would choose on. And I don't really like that people always use the Bible to lecture people, that's not what it's for. Oh and maybe she is trying to tell you that outer beauty is not what's important, I don't know, talk to her about it.

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    Not make-up specifically but I know the bible does go against vanity. I know you and your friends were just having innocent fun and it is hard at times to understand the rules that parents dish out on kids. The best thing I can sugest is wait until you are older and on your own (trust me that day will come). I know it seems like a long time away but as long as you are living with your parents you need to go by their rules in order to avoid problems.

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    Well hun you are awfully young for make-up. My mom didn't let me wear it until high school, and at the time I didn't understand why. Now that I'm older I realize that even if the other girls do it, it doesn't make it right. Womanhood comes soon enough and your mom just wants you to enjoy being a girl. It's something you will never get back. Our society makes girls grow up way too quickly. Be glad your mom loves you and wants to protect you. Sorry you got in trouble. I don't think playing with make-up at a birthday party was too bad, and deep down I bet your mom understands.

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    You're probably a little too old to get spanked, but that's not for me to say.. Your mom is just trying to keep you innocent as long as she can.. Just respect the rules.. You have the rest of your life to wear makeup.. And to be honest with you.. Natural looks better anyways.. Good luck to you

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    It probably doesn't feel this way, but your mom is trying to make sure that you don't grow up too fast and is scared what will happen if you wear makeup and it attracts boys.

    She wants you to have time to just be a kid and get an education and everything before boys come into the picture.

    I know it probably feels unfair because you were just playing at your friends. Just try to be understanding that your mom is human and may not always know the best way to get her point across to you.

    Ultimately she just wants the best for you.

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    honey, its difficult. But once you get older when your in 7th grade it will be different. I started wearing make up when i was in 5th i am now in 8th and i am trying to be a model. In every house they have different rules. You kinda have to respect what your mother says. If you do she will see that you are a beautiful younge lady. The bible i think is stupid. I believe in god but it was mad to scare people like; if you do something bad you will go to hell, so if you pay the church you are a good person. Thats how they got money. There are a lot of sick people in the world, especially America. I never read the bible but your mom is just trying to protect you and you might like I DONT NEED ANYONE TO PROTECT ME! but what IF something happens to you. You dont want that to happen to you right, babe? So take my advice because i maybe not know you but we are here together in the world!

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    Being a so called religious person-your mother should not have spanked you ! This is the real world and the Bible does not apply to here and now,the world was a very different place than when it was written. I think 6th grade is a little too young for makeup and it has nothing to do with the bible.

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