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Mentally extending your workout!?

I am wondering if their is such a way to extend your workout..And how could i use this towards my workout?


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    I don't really get this question. Are you asking about giving yourself more mental control when you work out?

    If you're doing cardio, listen to some upbeat music to keep yourself distracted when working out and you can work out longer. It is always possible to extend your workout if you want to.

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    Some days (like today) I hate being at the gym. When I get there I just want to do a quick workout and leave. When I know I need to do a more extensive workout I just have a mental talk with myself and promise me a good reward. For example, today I plan to come home from the gym, take a hot bubble bath, turn off the phone, and get under the covers with a good book and hot tea.

    You get what I'm saying. The reward may be different for you I'm sure. lol.

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