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What is profibus?

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    PROFIBUS (Process Field Bus) is the most popular type of fieldbus with more than 14 million nodes (2006) in use worldwide.

    PROFIBUS was developed in 1989 as the result of a German research project involving 15 firms and research institution. In Europe PROFIBUS dominates with more than 60% of the factory automation market.

    Three different versions of PROFIBUS exist:

    PROFIBUS-FMS (Fieldbus Message Specification) is used based on the Client-Server model for the communication between automation devices.

    PROFIBUS-DP (Decentrallised Periphery) is used for fast remote inputs and outputs, to connect sensors and actuators to a controlling device.

    PROFIBUS-PA (Process Automation) is used for the connection of field devices and transmitters to a process control device. It allows intrinsic safe transmission and power on the line. Parameters and functionblocks are defined covering the need of the process engineering.

    Profiles define additional functionality for safety applications (PROFIsafe), for motion control (PROFIdrive) and other types of devices.

    PROFIBUS was defined in 1991/1993 as DIN 19245, moved in 1996 to EN 50170 and is since 1999 included in IEC 61158/IEC 61784 Standards.

    The PROFIBUS standard is maintained, updated and marketed by PROFIBUS International, a non-profit organisation administered from Karlsruhe in Germany. PROFIBUS International is also responsible for the development of PROFINET an Ethernet based fieldnetwork.

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    That's not a real word as far as I can tell; I searched at (Merriam Webster), and they don't have it.

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    what is field bus

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