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What is a major Case Solved by DNA results?

Im doing a project and I would like to know what is a Legal case where DNA is the decisive factor, it would be appropriate if they case at the time was major, but please no OJ and no Jean Binet Ramsey thank you.

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    Katie Poirer was kidnapped and murdered, they suspected Donald Blom. But, no body. after sifting through ashes at his Moose Lake,Mn property. they found a single molar.Extracting pulp from this molar came up with the DNA match to Katie Poirer and got a conviction against Donald Blom. She was murdered in 1999, He went to trial in 2000 I believe. There are current news articles on the internet where he is still protesting the conviction.I hope this helps you

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    Not a court case but a National Geographic biologist proved all mankind came from one man. The Adam of humanity who origionated in Africa.

    Proof for the biblical story of Adam and Eve.

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    definately not OJ....depends on who is managing the info. !

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