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My new 5.8ghz cordless phone wont ring if another phone or my fax machine is plugged into another jack - help!

It's a Panasonic KX-TG5634 expandable 5.8ghz phone system.

If I unplug everything else from my phone jacks, the phone operates normally. If I plug just one wall phone, fax machine into another jack - the phone will not acknowledge an incoming call.

You can pick up the phone - hit talk - and it'll work... but it won't ring or register the call on it's caller ID.

This is really annoying. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Adding additional phones to a line adds up to the REN on the line. Each phone has a Ringer equivelency number. One of your phones must have a high drain on the line. Try one at a time, and see which one is the culprit. I run three on one line, no problem. You also will have this problem if you live a long distance from your local telephone company central office!! (You can also disconnect the ringer on one of those other phones, lowering the load, and see if the others ring.!!)

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    The other pieces of equipment are stealing the signal that you have an incoming call.

    Call Panasonic Customer Support and see what they can do for you. The number is on their website.

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    you've your FAX modem on your pc set to settle for incoming calls. bypass for your administration Panel and search for Modems. discover the only you've put in and look interior the help record for a way "settle for incoming calls" or "incoming calls" or "acquire fax". you want to set your modem now to not answer incoming calls.

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