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How do I get back to my old profile?

I tried adding a photo to my old profile and the next thing I knew, I was converted to this 360 crap which I do not want. So is there anyway I can just go back to the old single profile which is all I want? Thanks

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    One of the options you selected in your Yahoo! 360° settings is replacing your profile with your 360° page. Go to your Yahoo! 360 page, and then go to "Settings". In your "Basic Info" page, in the "Yahoo! Identity Display" section, go to your profile and select the first option (which says “Display me as [your Y!A nickname]”) if you do not want your profile replaced by your 360 page. Then click on "Save".

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    I assume what you want is to delete or deactivate the Y! 360 Profile...

    There are a few different thinks to do to get this done.

    1) Select the "Settings" option at the upper right of your 360 page and change all of you settings to 'Private'. This hides the majority of your content, if someone stumbles onto your page.

    2) Perform option #1 and then select the first "Display Me As" option on the Settings page. Now your profile doesn't link to your 360 page. Also, UNcheck the "Activate Simple URL" setting and the "Friend Search" setting.

    3) Perform options #1 and #2 and then delete your friends by selecting the "My Friends" link in the upper right of your 360 page. Select "Edit Settings" on a friend's name, then select "Remove <friend> from your Friends Page". Finally, DELETE all of your content, blogs, pictures, lists, reviews, etc.

    CLICK SAVE; close the window and wait some 5-10 minutes to make sure the INFO has been apply to the servers; after this you should be able to see your original Yahoo Profile Page again... (My Original Profile is active again)

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    just go back in and delete everything and put save. then do your single profile.

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    I also would like to know the answer to this one. Thanks for asking... :))

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