'THE GAME' CD? I'm confused!?!?!?

i bought the new GAME cd and i am enjoying it, although throughout the CD there are references to the Aftermath label, and to Dr. Dre (even with Busta on a few tracks)...it seemed that he was reppen' Aftermath and Dre, but the CD case said Geffen Records??? Hmmmmm, my husband tried to explain that he was working with Dre, but there was a lil fallin out, but i just don't get it??? He said that Dr. Dre didn't want to get involved with the whole Game vs 50 Cent feud, but so much of the albums beats sound like something Dre would put out...

Is he, or is he not with Dr. Dre and Aftermath???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    alright the Game was Part of the G-Unit Crew on Aftermath

    but the falling out w/ 50 caused him to leave.. that didn't mean he had hatred towards the aftermath label or any artists on it.. just 50 and the G-unit crew.

    Dr. Dre did do some collaberations on Games new cd and Game even threw shot outs to Eminem. he's got love and mad respect for them just not the G-unit Crew or more 50 than anyone.. he is with Geffen Records but did work with Dr. Dre cause Dre still has respect for his talent. remember dre is the one who wanted Game to sign with aftermath in the 1st place.

    hope this clears some confusion

  • It's because Dre is part of Shady aftermath and so is 50 cent and he does not want to say any thing about him or shady aftermath

  • 1 decade ago

    Queen rocks. They have an album called "Play The Game" and it rocks. This has nothing to do with your question.

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